Boys Need a Sanctuary

Gregory the Great Academy is that sanctuary, a refuge in the midst of the storm.
We provide boys with the liturgy of the saints, the wisdom of Western Civilization, and freedom from the technological distractions of modernity. Upon this foundation they can build a life of manly virtue and become the Catholic gentlemen they are called to be.

Gregory the Great Academy is a boys’ boarding school devoted to Christian culture, the Liberal Arts, and classical tradition. We founded our joyful community with a handful of pioneering souls and a common will to succeed. At this critical time, we are calling for founders, people who share our pioneering spirit and who are willing to take a leap of faith with us for this profound mission. We ask you to take that leap, to help us secure this fortress for Truth, this battlement where boys will be formed into men and soldiers of Christ. Please join us and make a difference for our boys today and for the future of Catholic education. Thank you.