Health and Safety Plan 2020-21

Gregory the Great Academy will implement a Health and Safety Plan which will provide guidelines for all activities according to those outlined by the CDC and the PA Departments of Education and Health. This plan developed for Gregory the Great Academy is tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of the Academy and has been created in consultation with local health agencies, the Academy’s Medical Advisory Board, the Academy Pandemic Team, and Board of Governors.

The Academy will implement the following “Immediate Action Plan” upon the students’ arrival in September for the opening of school:

  • Check for signs and symptoms of students and employees daily.
  • Quarantine students who have a fever of 100.4℉ or above
  • Hold roll calls at regular intervals and conduct a general health and wellness check
  • Retain an on-call on-site physician
  • Provide a nutritious diet along with supplements and vitamins approved by parents to bolster immune systems
  • Eliminate all non-essential travel and weekend visitations
  • Increase the amount of time available for sleep and rest
  • Identify high-risk students and require physical clearance
  • Cancel Thanksgiving vacation to reduce travel and maintain quarantine

Gregory the Great Academy will open on Labor Day, 2020 and plans on remaining open through the 2020-21 academic year. After much research, it appears clear that, as a private, non-licensed, non-public, non-accredited school of religious affiliation providing essential services to students, the Academy is not bound by state-mandated closures. Neither should the Academy make decisions based on public opinion, but rather should make prudential judgments toward the good of its community, and prudence leads us to open in September.