Enter Our Homer Raffle!

We are excited to announce that for every $50 you donate before October 15, you will receive an entry to win your own copy of Andrew Wilson Smith’s “Homer.” For example, if you donate $100, you will receive two entries. There is no limit! On October 16, we will announce the winner on our website and social media pages.

This noble bust of the ancient Greek poet, Homer by Academy faculty member and resident artist, Andrew Wilson Smith is a plaster cast of the bronze sculpture to be installed on the Academy campus. It stands 20″ high and is 12″ wide and 10″ deep. It is finished with a faux bronze patina to give the figure the beauty of being aged by the course of time. Homer is the author of The Iliad and The Odyssey and is revered as one of the greatest poets in the history of epic literature. This piece would grace any office or library and be a striking item in your household art collection.

Western Civilization is no longer en vogue. While much of society is gripped with fear that a pandemic will level our civilization, society itself has done its fair share of destruction, obliterating works of art and history that have long stood as reminders of our shared story.

Gregory the Great Academy has long stood as a fortress against the fickle winds of change that so often sway the masses, seeking to defend something greater than ourselves by creating monuments to the strength of our culture. Our boys are those monuments, the culmination of 4 years of sculpting and cultivating good men who will not only make a difference in this world, but will protect what is good in it.

During their time at the Academy, the boys are not only introduced to great works of literature and history, but also beautiful art and architecture which turns their minds towards higher realities. One of these works of art is our bronze statue of the ancient Greek poet Homer, sculpted by our resident artist and alumnus, Andrew Wilson Smith. This monument to the classical tradition we espouse used to stand near the rugby field, watching the boys with blind gaze as they trooped out to the field of battle every afternoon. When the school closed in 2012, Homer was removed, and he has been waiting for the time to resume a permanent place to keep his eye on our young warriors.

That time is now.

We are planning to establish a new and honored space for Homer, an outdoor classroom where the boys will not only be in the presence of this great work of art, but also find him overlooking the glorious vistas of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

We need your help to make this a reality.

As statues are being razed across the nation, help us raise a work of art to take their place and make sure the story of the West will not be forgotten.