Homeward Campaign

With your help, Gregory the Great will raise $400,000 by May 27, 2017 to make a substantial down payment. This will also facilitate some necessary updates and renovations for a seamless transition into the next school year.

By the grace of God and through the generosity of benefactors like you, Gregory the Great Academy is returning home. After nearly five years of running our school in old motels and retreat centers, we are purchasing a permanent home—the home where our story began—the building and grounds in Elmhurst, Pennsylvania, where our predecessor St. Gregory’s Academy operated for 19 years, the place that shaped our spirit and traditions.

This move back to our original location is a tremendous step forward. The need is present and the benefits will be immediate—we are growing in student numbers and program development, and the spaces this property affords will allow us to carry on with increased facility and stability. They include:

  • 200 beautiful acres will provide our rugby team with athletic fields and places for students to camp, explore, and study.
  • Bright classrooms and dormitories will give our students spaces to live and learn.
  • The large auditorium will allow our juggling troupe to practice and perform.
  • Its stunning chapel will house Our Lord and help our boys grow into Catholic men.

This building and property helped form our school, and to return to it is precisely what our students need. After years of laboring to build up a financial foundation, work made possible only by your support, we are in a position to make this move and achieve greater institutional strength.

Please join our campaign aimed at making a down-payment and securing our future through an endowment. Your gift and collaboration will make this vision a reality and touch many lives. Keep us in your prayers as we undertake this exciting project to bring our school back home, where it will thrive for years to come. Thank you.