Dear Alumni,

Welcome to Gregory the Great Academy, a school carrying on the beloved and beautiful traditions of our alma mater, St. Gregory’s Academy. As an alumnus myself (Class of 1998), I cannot tell you how happy and heartened and humbled I am to find myself in a position to perpetuate all the gifts that I, that we, have received by way of classical education, Catholic formation, and friendship.

Our mission to preserve a stronghold of authentic culture and community has been truly and tremendously blessed; and these blessings have no small relation to the way in which all of you have responded to the call of grace in your own lives to help carry on this noble work. We would not be providing these same gifts and experiences to a new generation of young men if it were not for your unflagging support—support that you have demonstrated by your presence, your prayers, and your financial sacrifices.

Please continue to remember the Academy as we labor on in our corner of the vineyard by remembering all that you have received from the Academy yourself, and all that stands to be given to others like yourself. Without you, without our alumni, we cannot hope to maintain the school that we love so well. I thank God that we have hope. We have you. Thank you for visiting our site, and for your generous support for our school, your community in Christ.

In Christ,

Sean Fitzpatrick