Corporate Sponsorship

We would like to thank the following businesses for their lending their support to Gregory the Great Academy.

idohc_logo_long-01I-DOhC specializes in a wide range of both clinical and administrative services in occupational health, disability management, and workplace based healthcare services.

Gregory the Great Academy would like to recognize I-DOhC for its special support of the athletics program, regularly sponsoring the purchase of milk and other food items for post-workout nutrition, as well as other athletics-related purchases. In addition, I-DOhC provides on-site medical expertise at GGA sports events as well as phone consultations for the students and faculty of the Academy.

GGA also would like to thank I-DOhC for sponsoring the 2018 Burns Banquet.


AdjusterPro was created to serve both new and experienced adjusters with the finest educational and career resources at affordable prices. helps local businesses and organizations develop their presence on the web. Services include hosting, design, and social networking training.