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Join the St. Nicholas Guild Today!

Posted on Jun 23, 2024

The St. Nicholas Guild is a community of Gregory the Great Academy’s most stalwart and dependable supporters. By becoming a monthly-giving member, you will help us to further our mission to win souls for Christ with stability and strength. You will also have access to our educational vision as few others outside of the school […]

Apply TODAY for the Adventure of Your Life!

Posted on Jun 15, 2024

“Education is not the acquisition of marketable skills, or self-improvement, culture, personal fulfillment or even knowledge—though these benefits normally occur; but, essentially, it is a call to something higher than ourselves…” — John Senior. If you agree with Mr. Senior, COME AND SEE!  . . . Read more

Valedictorian’s Graduation Address 2024

Posted on Jul 2, 2024

Reverend Fathers, Friends, Families, Faculty, Alumni, and, for the time being fellow, students,

These last four years of my life have been full of surprises–winning rugby state championships, juggling in the streets of Scranton, songs in the refectory, discovering great heroes and learning their deeds – and to top it all off, now I am going togive a speech – and I hope I will surprise myself by getting through it without making too much of a mess.  . . . Read more

Headmaster’s Graduation Address 2024

Posted on Jul 1, 2024

Reverend Fathers, Faculty, Families, Students, Alumni, and Graduates: 

Everyone knows the geometric puzzle of trying to square the circle; that is, to create a formula that will construct a square equal in volume to a given circle.  In 1882 it was proven impossible because of the irrational nature of pi.  Nonetheless, mathematical cranks (or would-be geniuses) have never given up trying.    . . . Read more

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