conley“Gregory the Great Academy needs you. Given the state of affairs in our country, in our cities, in our neighborhoods, there is no doubt as to the need for havens like this school. What may not occur to you is the duty we all have to offer our spiritual and material support for such endeavors. The faculty of this school is on the front lines of a war over culture itself. They need us—all of us. It is only with our help, as we join them in participating in the grace of God, that they will carry on and develop their mission to educate a new generation of soldiers for Christ. Without us, without you, they cannot offer scholarships, put good food on the table, or secure a permanent home. Please join the drive to restore the art of Catholic education, and play a part in changing the lives of today’s young men who will be tomorrow’s leaders.  My sincere prayer is that this place and this tradition will continue. Won’t you please join us in supporting this great and important work for the Church?”

Most Rev. James D. Conley, D.D., S.T.L.
Bishop of the Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska

anderson“The world is on fire. As in the time of Pope Saint Gregory the Great, we are engaged in a struggle to save Western Christian culture from the barbarians—only this time they have cell phones. I would like to introduce you to a high school that is fighting against this new barbarism. Gregory the Great Academy is both a ‘classic’ sort of boarding school for boys and a bold experiment in education. Its unique way of inspiring the practice of Catholic piety, while cultivating manly virtues in the students, makes it stand out from other institutions in America and Europe. My numerous contacts with the faculty and students of Gregory the Great Academy have led to an appreciation of what has already been accomplished by the teachers and young men and prompts me to look with bright hope to what is surely still to come of this cultural chevauchee.”

Br. Philip Anderson, O.S.B.
Abbot of our Lady of the Annunciation of Clear Creek Abbey

fahey“If St. Benedict, Robert Louis Stevenson, and G.K. Chesterton sat down over a meal to hash out the vision of a Catholic Boys’ School, it would be Gregory the Great Academy.  Nothing of this school’s like can be found throughout the land. Halls filled with laughter and song, a playing field measured in courage, a classroom dedicated to wisdom and friendship, and a chapel echoing with the restrained manly praise of God–and then there is the juggling! Having sailed through the jaws of trial and testing, with years of study and rich classroom experience informing their vision, the young men and dedicated teachers of GGA are a daring grace for our Church and our country.  We should all desire to join in their adventure.”

William Edmund Fahey, Ph.D.
President of Thomas More College of Liberal Arts
New Hampshire & Rome

hahn“Thank God for Gregory the Great Academy. It is a true school—a place where a boy can become a man with fire in his heart for the truth and the joy to be a witness to that truth. Gregory the Great Academy is an answer to so many prayers, including mine. This school deserves and needs your support to continue its fine work of forming young men, by converting our sons to our Father. Please help this school to survive and prosper. Gregory the Great Academy has my support. Won’t you offer yours today?”

Scott Hahn, Ph.D.
Professor of Theology, Franciscan University
Steubenville, Ohio

Christopher-Check“Ours is a dark age, and it is going to get darker. If you want to prepare your son to live a full life in a dying age, send him to Gregory the Great Academy. More importantly, if you want your son to be part of the restoration of a culture rooted in the magnificence of the Gospel, send him to Gregory the Great Academy. And more important than that, if you want your son to take others with him to Heaven, then send him to Gregory the Great Academy. At Gregory the Great the next generation of disciples of Jesus Christ is being formed. To say they have their work cut out for them is a considerable understatement, but this school will see to it that they are up to the task. Joy and fervor, virility and piety, learning and reverence: Gregory the Great Academy is my favorite school in the whole world.”

Christopher Check
President, Catholic Answers
El Cajon, CA

Alumni and Parents

“As a Dominican friar, I have been able to share with my brothers the love of sacred and traditional folk music that was fostered by my years at St. Gregory’s. I am profoundly grateful for the gifts I have received from St. Gregory’s, and I hope that many more young men will be able to experience the same introduction to Christian culture at Gregory the Great Academy.”

Fr. Innocent Smith, OP
Class of 2004
Church of St. Vincent Ferrar, NYC

“I gratefully acknowledge the singular influence of Gregory the Great Academy upon my religious formation, intellectual development, and imaginative growth. Young men naturally and deeply yearn for joyful yet formal liturgy, academics that are poetic while rigorous, wonders immanent and noble—and uniquely, all of this is woven into the fabric of life at Gregory the Great Academy.”

Benedict Whalen, Ph.D.
Class of 2004
English Professor, Hillsdale College

 “I often find myself at a loss for words to “explain” St. Gregory’s to people because as a mother, it involves so many very personal experiences and meditations to attempt to express all that St. Gregory’s is, or strives to be. At a certain point, some years ago, I realized that more than anything, St. Gregory’s is a true act of love. I say this with the conviction of one who has long known personally, everyone (faculty and staff) involved with St. Gregory’s. Were it not for the fraternal love which they manifest to the students and each other, and zeal for the mission of this school, St. Gregory’s would not exist.”

Carol Long
Staunton, VA

“I have been closely associated with St. Greg’s for more than 10 years and believe I know the school extremely well. To send a child nearly 3,000 miles across the country to attend high school is a daunting decision. But I have not regretted doing this. I have seen first hand the excellent results of the St. Gregory’s experience. My boys are well grounded in faith and reason – what Pope John Paul II calls the two wings of the truth.”

Cort Freeman
Butte, MT