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Is Your Son Ready for the Adventure of His Life?

Posted on Feb 20, 2020

If your son is ready for the adventure of his life, if he longs to undertake a spiritual, physical, and intellectual challenge, if he has a desire to play hard at sports and work hard with both a pencil and a shovel, if he desires a beautiful education that is far greater than merely learning . . . Read more

To the Immortal Memory of Robert Burns

Posted on Feb 12, 2020

Address given at the Robbie Burns Supper Gregory the Great Academy, 2020 by Dr. John McCarthy The ancient poets often employ the theme of νόστος: homecoming. I came to Saint Gregory’s in the winter of 2006 in the middle of the year. John Burger picked me up from the airport. There was a snow. I . . . Read more

Teacher, Teach Thyself

Posted on Feb 5, 2020

by Sean Fitzpatrick One of the tragic results of the triple choke-hold demagoguery, diversity, and the almighty dollar have on the American classroom is that teaching is becoming less of an interpersonal art and more of an impersonal programming session. Teachers can certainly combat, and hopefully reverse, this crisis by offering students the truth of . . . Read more