About Us

Our Educational Goals

Our educational goals focus on development of the imagination and the acquisition of good intellectual habits.  As educators, we hope to cultivate a taste for good literature and lead young minds into a thoughtful encounter with the perennial questions of Western Civilization.  To this end, we strive to create an environment free from distractions.

This freedom allows for the healthy development of the mind, and the ability to wonder at reality, without which no true education can take place.  In other words, our days are filled with prayer, study, song, sports, and camaraderie, and students are not permitted to watch television or to use personal music devices, computers, or cellular phones.

Our Course of Studies

Our course of studies is demanding,but it is also joyful because we realize that the deepest spring of human growth is Divine Charity, which is the spirit of poetry, music, and song.  If your son wishes to grow in knowledge of the faith, to study the classic stories of the West and recite its poetry, to gain strength and coordination through athletics and juggling, and to pray and worship according to the rhythms of the Church’s liturgy, please consider an application to join this adventure in education.

Gregory the Great Academy is a private boys’ boarding school, offering a Liberal Arts education in the Catholic tradition.  We offer a unique and rigorous classical education for boys in grades nine through twelve who want to accept the challenge of living a full and ordered life of intellectual, physical, and spiritual growth.

Gregory the Great Academy is now accepting applications for students for the 2022-2023 school year.


Please visit the ADMISSIONS PAGE of our website to fill out the online form and begin the application process or simply to learn more about our community.