Academic Profile

Distribution of Classes by Grade

Mission Statement

Gregory the Great Academy is an all-boys boarding school offering a rigorous yet joyful vision of a classical, liberal arts education. Following the Catholic intellectual and spiritual tradition, boys become trained in virtue by the perennial wisdom and faith of the Church and the poetic traditions of Western Civilization. With an academic program ordered towards formation that is intellectual, imaginative, spiritual, physical, and moral, Gregory the Great Academy seeks to form young men who are hardworking, holy, and happy. The Academy is under the patronage of Pope St. Gregory the Great (540-604 AD), whose life reflected many of the ideals that direct the Academy’s vision: fidelity to the Holy See, orthodoxy in doctrine, traditional liturgy and sacred music, and the preservation of classical education.

Rigorous course of study
Manual labor
Mentorship and leadership
Benedictine spirit

Divine Liturgy
Divine Office
Gregorian Chant
Integrated spiritual focus


Philosophy of Education

Our goal is to focus on developing both the imagination and good intellectual habits. We cultivate a taste for good literature and good philosophy, leading young men into a thoughtful encounter with the perennial questions of Western Civilization. To this end, we create an environment free from electronic distractions. Students are not permitted to watch television, listen to recorded music, or use computers and cell phones. Replacing these artificial entertainments with wholesome activities such as juggling, discussing great works, singing in chorus, struggling in sports, and conversing in friendship allows for healthy development and the capacity to wonder. We promote the search for the eternal things: the good, the true, and the beautiful.

Our Graduates

More than 90% of graduates continue their education in four-year colleges, and in most cases Catholic, Liberal Arts institutions. Approximately 5% join the military, and 12 of our graduates have entered the priesthood or religious life. Overall, the Academy has enjoyed great success in producing men who work hard and well, raise good families, and keep the Faith in their vocations.