Tuition Payments

The staff and administration of Gregory the Great Academy are committed to its long-term growth and improvement. We appreciate your trust in allowing us to serve your family in their academic, physical, social and spiritual development. Since the quality of our programs is of primary importance to us, we are seeking ways to make improvements that will benefit parents as well as the Academy. It is in this spirit that we are partnered with the FACTS Management Company to help manage our monthly tuition collection process and to assess our financial aid applications. FACTS allows us to spend more time and energy on education, development, and other school-related issues, and to provide a strong, consistent cash flow to meet the demands of educational and operational costs of running our school.


Click the FACTS logo to set up your payment account. This will bring you to the secure site that has been set up to receive payments. Enter your information and choose the payment plan that matches your financial agreement with Gregory the Great Academy. All payments should be made through FACTS, but if you are uncomfortable with this, you may send us a check and we will process your payments through the site. FACTS assesses a fee according to the number of payments you make, as follows:

One or two tuition payments per year: The Academy will pay your FACTS fee.
Nine or more payments per year: FACTS will charge a fee of $46 per family. (If you have more than one son at the Academy, this is a per-family, not a per-student fee.)

Payments may be made in the following ways:

Electronic debit as authorized by parents and/or authorized payers from a checking or savings account. FACTSManagement Company and Gregory the Great Academy never have any direct access to your bank account. The automatic payment process is strictly controlled to be secure, compliant, and limited to what has been authorized by the parents.

Credit cards – MasterCard, American Express, or Discover can be used.

PayPal – if you have a PayPal account or wish to set one up.

Regardless of payment method chosen, you will have access to an online consumer portal, allowing you to make additional payments should the opportunity arise, and to see all transactions.

When you provide an email or text address you will receive an email reminder four days before payment is due. This allows active management of the payment plan. If a hardship should arrive, please inform the Academy business manager at least two business days before your payment due date.

Monthly Invoicing – Invoices are generated approximately 23 days before the payment due date. Parents who provide an email address will have their invoices sent by email and can pay via an electronic direct debit from a savings or checking account. Parents who do not provide an email address will have a paper invoice mailed to them.

FACTS manages the business side of education for over 6600 schools nationally, and their program is used by over 1.5 million families. All Catholic schools in the local Dioceses of Scranton and Allentown use FACTS and are very pleased with the service and success they have experienced, since FACTS is committed to working with families and schools to help make tuition payment more manageable. We are excited to be working with FACTS and are confident that this program will lead to a strong financial foundation for our school.

Gregory the Great Academy is focused on providing a quality Catholic education for your children. Working with FACTS is one more step in assuring that we can continue that mission. This policy enables families to choose a reasonable payment plan while enabling us to run a financially and educationally sound institution for your children and the children of generations to come.