Dr. Joseph Sladky Joins the Faculty

Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Dr. Joseph Sladky, the newest member of our faculty. If ever there was a man of mirth ready and rearing to join our merry band, Joe Sladky is that man.

A graduate of Thomas Aquinas College, Dr. Sladky studied biology, chemistry, and physics in a pre-med program before deciding to change course and pursue graduate studies in history. He earned his Ph.D. in Modern European Church history at the Catholic University of America. His professional experience includes several years teaching middle school math and science at Northridge Preparatory School as well as working with inner-city youth in Chicago. 

In recent years, Dr. Sladky served on the founding faculty of Chelsea Academy in Front Royal, Virginia, and has also worked as an editor of The Digital Library of the Catholic Reformation. He and his wife, Jenny, have eight children, one of whom, his namesake, is a graduate of Gregory the Great Academy. In fact, at his son’s graduation, I remember Joe saying, with some seriousness, how much he envied his son for his experiences at Gregory the Great and how much he would love to enroll as a freshman. And then he burst into laughter.

Well, Dr. Sladky is officially enrolled, in a manner of speaking.

Dr. Sladky brings a passion for history with him, as well as keen interests in theology and the natural sciences. As we consider his assignments for next year, he is dusting off his Latin and anticipating how he might develop our history curriculum. We plan on keeping him busy, and he will no doubt bring a fresh leaven to our culture as our school continues to grow. (Speaking of culture, did I mention he is a cheesemonger?)

Please keep Dr. Sladky and his family in your prayers as they prepare for the big move from Front Royal to Scranton this summer. We are all looking forward to hearing his learning and his laughter in our classrooms, and we can certainly count on both in abundance, for again, Joe Sladky is that man. Welcome to our community, Dr. Sladky. We are honored to have you join the faculty of friends at Gregory the Great Academy.

In Christ,



Luke Culley