Gregory the Great Academy on National Radio!

by Matt Williams

Recently I was privileged to be the musical guest on the Dr. Katherine Albrecht show, a nationally syndicated radio talk show based in Nashua, NH.

Dr. Albrecht was in the audience of the juggling show in February which took place at the Nashua Public Library. Our boys made a wonderful impression on her, and after discussing who we were and the mission of our school she asked me to come on the radio to discuss the music program. I agreed and gave her several of our CDs.

The topic of the show was Sacred Music, but we also had a chance to discuss Gregory the Great Academy and the unique educational experience it offers. Dr. Albrecht was not only interested in the musical aspects of our school but the entire curriculum. It is great to know that our school and the efforts of the students have now reached thousands across the country. This was a wonderful experience for me personally and a tremendous opportunity to spread the word about the academy.

We were able to highlight music from our most recent album Missa Je Vous Salue and the current students from Gregory the Great House of Studies.

Please click the link below to listen to the interview, which runs about an hour in length.