Go for the Guilds!

As we enter this time of giving, Gregory the Great Academy would be honored to have your consideration for a gift this year. To house, feed, and form boys into Catholic gentlemen is a tremendous mission, and it is one that would be impossible without the generosity of benefactors like you!

Our boys are working hard to become men that can revitalize a languishing culture. Their pursuits of the Good, True, and Beautiful must be sustained. They must be permitted to read on, to raise their food in our farming fields, to build furniture, and sing at Holy Mass.

This work is too important not to support.
We need these boys as much as they need all of us.

This Christmas, we are excited to announce that 20% of your donation will go towards bolstering and building our incredibly unique Guild Program.

The Guilds offer the boys an apprenticeship where they learn and experience crafts and trades that not only round out their education at the Academy, but also teach them enriching skills which can be used for their rest of their lives. Woodworking, Leathercraft, and Fine Art and Architecture are just some of the programs which are offered, programs which require materials and training to carry out in the most meaningful way.

With your help, we can raise enough money to dedicate $20,000 to the Guilds.

Give TODAY and receive your GIFT from the boys!

For every gift over $1,000 we will send you a set of beautiful handcrafted wooden coasters made by the boys in the Woodworking Guild.

Please be a Santa Claus for Gregory the Great Academy this Christmas so these elves can continue their merry labors in our workshop.

Thank you and have a happy and holy Christmas.

Christopher D. Smith
Director of Development
(703) 901-5415