Robin Hood Days – 2017


This October, the students of Gregory the Great Academy held the annual Robin Hood Days where all lived under the greenwood tree for three days, participating in woodland sports, eating, drinking, and making merry around the fire of friendship. The traditions and tales of Robin Hood are central to the Academy’s spirit, as they are a precursor to an ultimate merry-making. Robin Hood is more of a gold-bearded angel than a man. A legion of yeomen follow Robin Hood in serving God’s people, giving gifts as unseen guardians, moving benevolently among those who have not yet won their freedom from earthly cares. Like an angel, Robin Hood plays in the presence of the Divine in an unsullied, invincible domain. Robin Hood fights as a warrior who knows an epic inside-joke: that the battle is already won, and so laughs as he swings his staff, looses his shaft, and flies before the foe. The merry adventures of Robin Hood gambol in the great game of human redemption with a confidence and courageousness that we all must learn to win our own eternal suit of Lincoln green, and it is in this spirit of happiness and holiness that the boys of St. Gregory’s enjoyed this goodly taste of woodland life as merry men all. Special thanks are due to dorm father and bushcraft master, David McMyne for preparing the camp and leading the games.