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Friendship and Mentorship

Posted on Jan 25, 2021

Gregory the Great Academy we place high importance on the teaching relationship as a species of friendship. Thus we foster an atmosphere where teachers willingly work with the strengths and weaknesses of the children in their care.  . . . Read more

Integration, Love, and Teaching

Posted on Dec 14, 2020

At Gregory the Great Academy, teachers point to wondrous things, showing the boys in what way things are wonderful, and giving things the esteem that is their due.  . . . Read more

A Natural Order of Living

Posted on Nov 18, 2020

Boys at Gregory the Great Academy discover Truth every living day. They wake to the sounds of nature and of man in harmony with nature: birdsong from an open window, a prefect’s call to Morning Prayer, the bustle of roommates readying themselves for the day. The natural world and their place in it is constantly present, never mediated by some electronic device.  . . . Read more