2016 Rugby 7s Season

It is the duty of a boys’ school to understand the nature and disposition of boys, which is to understand their psychology, physiology, and temperaments. At Gregory the Great Academy, competitive sport is a crucial source of educational development and formation in these vital areas. The body must be cared for as well as the soul and mind. Playing sports leads a boy to a true self-awareness and can teach him such important virtues as perseverance, courage, self-mastery, and magnanimity. Athletics also give boys very tangible lessons about human nature and how to react to adversity. Winning or losing a hard match properly and in the right spirit teaches young men much about what it is to be a man.

This year, the Gregory the Great Highlanders RFC 7’s has two varsity teams that are competing in tournaments throughout the Pennsylvania area: Varsity Black, comprised of many returning and senior members, and Varsity Red which has newer and younger players.

This past weekend, the 7’s teams competed in their fourth tournament of the season held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Varsity Red won a hard-fought battle against a physical and skilled team from Pittsburgh, earning them the 5th seed in the playoffs.

Varsity Black won both of their pool stage matches without conceding any points, thus earning the top seed in the playoffs. The Highlanders came away with a decisive win in the semi-final match against a very aggressive squad. The final was a close affair played against a talented and well-coached team, with the Highlanders just missing the championship title at the end.

The Highlanders have grown and improved with each and every tournament, and have their eyes on the Pennsylvania 2016 state title held at the end of the month. Please pray for their success!

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