Reason or Imagination?

The vision of education that informs Gregory the Great Academy is both familiar and strange. Although this education is traditional, it sometimes disappoints the expectations by which traditional, classical education is judged in our day. At Gregory the Great Academy we seek to recover the eternal meaning behind educational methods so as to bring students to love and embrace whatever is good, true, and beautiful.

For example, much of the movement to restore classical education is concerned with the recovery and perfection of reason, a worthy goal on the face of it. In the presence of an epidemic of sloppy and addled thinking, teachers apply the remedy of logic. We, too, teach logic and the love of reason but we believe that it is not enough, for left to itself or overemphasized, logic produces more disease. Man does not live by reason alone, not even reason perfected by logic. However, borne aloft by music and poetry, reason learns new steps that introduce it to a dance in which it moves beyond itself, and becomes a fit partner for the Divine Word.

We do not ask our students to choose between the Muses and Reason, but guide them to keep them in harmony, to express reasonable ideas imaginatively, poetically, beautifully. The joy of studying reason, poetry, and music leads us to the contemplation and cultivation of the things of this world which God has made, and all this culminates in the Liturgy. We believe that when boys are living with truth and beauty, they desire to stay close to their Source. This is the end for which we labor.

Early Admissions Now Open for 2020-21!

We are now accepting applications for 2020-2021. The Early Admissions deadline is January 31, 2020. (You are still welcome to send an application after that date.)

Classes fill up fast, so don’t delay!

To apply, follow a few simple steps:

1) Download and print the application.

2) Fill out the main form, including a description of your son. Ask your son to write an essay telling us why he would like to join our adventure. We would also love to have a picture of him!

3) Give a recommendation form to two teachers and to your pastor. Ask them to either mail it to us or to give it back to you. If you homeschool and your son has no other teacher, we are happy to accept the recommendation of non-family adults who know him well.

4) Ask your son’s guidance office to send us his transcript for grades seven through the present. If you would rather send us copies of his report cards, we will gladly accept them. Homeschoolers, please send a record of your son’s studies and any grades you may have assigned.

5) Copy records of your son’s Baptism and Confirmation (if he has been confirmed).

6) Mail everything to:

135 St. Gregory’s Pl.
Elmhurst Twp., PA 18444

As soon as we receive the application we will let you know. Complete applications will be evaluated by the end of February.

We welcome your calls or email queries because we understand what a big decision it is to send your beloved son to boarding school. Call 571-295-6244 or email Mrs. Beebe, Admissions Director at No concern or question is trivial when you are discerning your son’s education and formation!