Clairvaux Institute Launches Development Committee for the Future Home of Gregory the Great Academy

Thanks to the generosity of alumni and benefactors of St. Gregory’s Academy, the Clairvaux Institute is pleased to announce the launch of a development committee dedicated to the purpose of finding a permanent home for Gregory the Great Academy.

Mr. Howard Clark is the committee director, assisted by Mr. Sean Fitzpatrick and Mr. Paul Prezzia. In recent weeks, Mr. Clark and Mr. Fitzpatrick they have been scouting properties, communicating with diocesan officials, canon lawyers, and insurance agents, working with realtors, and gleaning information on founding schools. Mr. Prezzia has been lending his aid in the many clerical tasks that this project requires, such as researching and filing initial paperwork for a private independent institution. Together, they are enthusiastic and absolutely committed to this project, working hard to overcome the many inherent and inescapable challenges.

The Clairvaux Institute and the committee members are grateful for this opportunity to lay the groundwork for a new beginning, and also for the continuing support from alumni and friends of the old academy. Although in beginning a new school, smaller scale and numbers must initially be anticipated, the intention is to grow, expand, and become a stronger school than St. Gregory’s ever was; with hopes of founding a permanent campus built to suit the school’s specific needs. To this ultimate and grand end, the committee is looking to lease a property that can meet the immediate needs and provide the potential for such future developments.

Even now, favorable progress has been made in the immediate goal of finding a suitable property to lease so that the school can open its doors next fall. Please pray to St. Gregory the Great that God’s will be done in these matters and consider a one-time gift, or a monthly gift, to play your part in this exciting endeavor for classical education in the Catholic tradition.