Highlanders Victorious in First Rugby Match: 21 – 18

The Highlanders have begun their 2015 rugby season with a scrimmage against a talented and experienced club team based out of Harrisburg, PA, currently ranked 16th in the nation. The Highlanders started the match with strong ball carries and technically powerful tackles. The snow on the pitch and in the air was affecting both teams, but both teams compensated for the elements with ingenious decision-making. After a second-half rally from the opposition, who took the lead with 5 minutes left in the match, the Highlanders created an opportunity and accelerated through the try zone to dot the ball down under the posts and secure the victory, 21-18.

Post match we were treated to warm drinks, and home-prepared food by the hosting team and their spectators.  I am very proud of our Highlanders. They have put into practice the core values of our athletic program – High Work Rate, Focus, Discipline, Team Unity, and Courage.

They achieve High Work Rate by putting in all the hard miles to be prepared to play rugby that is a balance between an intellectual and physical style game.

They learn Focus by executing our game plan, and not being distracted by factors out of our control.

They become Disciplined by controlling emotions in the face of difficulty.

They form Team Unity by sacrificing for the sake of the team, and ultimately giving glory to God.

They find Courage when they are conscious of their fears, and actively face them with an undeterred attitude.

Pray to St. Sebastian that the Highlanders have a successful season.