River Valley Festival Bands Announced


We are excited to announce the main bands at the 2nd Annual River Valley Festival: The Plate Scrapers and The Plank Stompers.

The Plate Scrapers are a four-stringed instrument band from Fredrick, Maryland. They draw their musical inspiration from folk, jam, jazz, blues, americana, and bluegrass. To get a taste of the music they will play for us at the River Valley Festival, you may visit the Plate Scraper’s Facebook page and listen to them on their website.

Our second band, the Plank Stompers, hail from Bluemont, Virginia. The Plank Stompers do not like to think of themselves as a group, but rather as a movement. Their musical style is made up of old time soul, bluegrass, and funk. You may wish to learn more about the Plank Stompers on Facebook and listen to them on their website.

Don’t forget to share with your friends and family about this year’s River Valley Festival and invite them to sign up on our website and like our Facebook page. We look forward to enjoy these bands with you and celebrate the culture of the Shenandoah Valley.

Sign Up: River Valley Festival Website

See you October 3!

Daniel Schiller
Event Coordinator
River Valley Festival