Now Accepting Applications for 2015-2016

Now accepting applications for Gregory the Great Academy

Gregory the Great Academy is looking for a few good men! Now accepting applications for the 2015-16 academic year.

Jeremy Gay, SGA Class of 2007“Saint Gregory’s taught me that life is an adventure. Like all good adventures, life has an end and consists of joys, sufferings, victories, and defeats. Through pure friendships and classical education, I was exposed to beautiful truths and a sense of wonder that I had never encountered. Through expeditions, battles, poems, and songs, I realized that happiness and greatness are both real and attainable. Through constant exposure to scripture, liturgy, daily prayer, and examples of self-sacrifice, my faith became who I am instead of a series of external acts that I was required to do. I believe that man’s end is union with God and that the adventure lies in making it there with joy and integrity. Over ten years ago I was dropped off at Saint Gregory’s, and my life has been an adventure ever since.”

Jeremy M. Gay
Class of 2007
First Lieutenant United States Marine Corps