6th Annual River Valley Festival – Sept. 28th

Our Admissions Special is going on now!

$10 Admission Includes your Choice of (1) Craft Beer or Virginia Wine! 
16 & Under Receive Free Admission


Free Organized Activities for the Family:

Juggling Instruction ✭ Face Painting ✭ Munchkin Music Session ✭ Viking Chess ✭ Soccer matches ✭ And Much More.

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The Hudson Winter Walk


The upper form of Gregory the Great Academy traveled to Hudson New York this past weekend for the town’s annual “Winter Walk” festival. Each year the town shuts down the main street in town and the business stay open. Street vendors and performers come from far and near to celebrate the holiday season. For our part, the students performed several juggling shows while singing Christmas Carols and folk music on the street for passersby. Children from one to ninety-two expressed their joy at seeing the boys perform their juggling tricks and acrobatics. Many of the spectators joined in the singing even though it was a very chilly night.

Liberal Arts, Juggling, and Rugby: An Interview with Sean Fitzpatrick


This article originally posted on June 30, 2015 on Catholic Exchange.

Catholic Exchange Podcast, editor Michael J. Lichens sits down with Sean Fitzpatrick who, in addition to his great articles on CE, is also the Headmaster of Gregory the Great Academy in Scranton, PA. We discuss what teen boys can accomplish when freed from technology and how activities like juggling and rugby help to form the whole person in a liberal arts education grounded in the faith. In all, Sean shows us how education is a grand adventure of the soul.